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out and about - Virtual Realities: The Art of M.C. Escher @ The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, TX

Many people are familiar with the mind bending work of Escher. His images defy convention and invite the viewer to suspend disbelief while becoming part of a universe unlike anything we experience in daily life. While his work has become ubiquitous with its ability to transport us to a place of wonder, the man behind it remains hidden from view.

This upcoming exhibit at The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, provides a deeper look at this elusive artist. Born in The Netherlands, he became a graphic designer with a fascination for geometry and mathematics.

With an unparalleled power of observation, Escher continues to capture the imagination of newer generations. In his images one can find a sense of stillness and timelessness that puzzles the mind. He is able to tap into the deeper recesses of the human brain, focusing its attention on the peacefulness of order.

Marvel at the work of M.C. Escher by reading these books.


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