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out and about - Crys Yin: nothing to exclaim @ Deanna Evans Projects

In a collective experience of any kind, the shared aspect of it has the potential to unite people of very different backgrounds. Few things can do that. A pandemic that crosses borders, religious affiliations, genders and economic status is one of them. The other is Art.

Art condenses the experience of one person into an entity that others can identify with. What I mean to say with any of my collages, what any artist is communicating through their work, is always superseded by your own experience as the viewer. You can only see who you are.

And yet, although we might see different things and feel disparate emotions, there is a substrate that we all share as humans. What remains hidden is a sediment that is communal. That residue is made of universal emotions like love, disappointment, loneliness, gratitude, hope and vulnerability.

Yin’s work exists in a calm and subdued way. It resides in a place of silence. It allows for multiple interpretations with a generosity difficult to find these days. Other artists who opt for more strident presentations, are calling attention to themselves and their intended message. Yin opts to recede and let the tide of thoughts come in and submerge her canvases. Her approach is soothing and it is stress relieving, and for that I am eternally grateful.

There is much to appreciate from the language of whispers. In a vociferous, often aggressive time, Yin’s work represents a welcome parenthesis that should be enjoyed. Rest your eyes and give your soul a break.


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