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custom collaborations

I am no longer accepting commissions due to time constraints. Thank you for your understanding.

If you have been thinking about commissioning a custom collage or mixed media piece, I hope that the following will encourage you to do so. At the end of the process, you'll be the owner of an exceptional, one-of-a-kind piece of artwork that your family will cherish for years to come.

I create commissioned work often. It ranges from portraits, commemorative collages depicting a specific occasion, to more abstract pieces that evoke a place or time significant to the customer. Sometimes, a collage depicting a beloved cultural icon is requested. I've even had customers who just provided me with an open ended theme and allowed me to follow the work wherever it would take me. Everyone has a different approach and I am happy to accommodate all of them. 


Original commissions are intimate and distinctive. Depending on their intended purpose (a book cover, a magazine cover, a personal gift, or a remembrance piece), I adapt the design accordingly.

To start the process, simply write describing your idea by using the contact page.

I strive to fulfill commissions always along the lines of the customer’s wishes. I listen carefully to their requests and rework the information into a visually interesting artwork. All commissioned work is done within the bounds of my personal style and is consistent with my artistic language.

I always appreciate the trust that customers place in my artistic vision. Thank you!

Current pricing of commissioned artwork is primarily based on dimensions and materials chosen by the client. The following are original collages on acid free matboard. Wood panel is custom priced. I personally discourage the use of canvas, which is less suited to collage.

Please, feel free to inquire. All measurements are in inches.

16x20  - $435

11x14    - $295
8x10    - $200
5x7     - $135

Images can be full bleed (all the way to the edge of the chosen size) or can include white or painted border all around. Originals are usually signed on the back.

​Whether a full-bleed collage, a collage with a border in a contrasting color, or one with traditional white edges, your choices for framing are endless. Your local framing shop will be able to assist you in this regard. Some are best floated over a plain white background and others are enhanced by a simple beveled matboard within a wooden or metal frame. When the time comes to display your original collage, follow your heart and trust your personal taste.

Please, do ask questions. I will be happy to address any concerns you might have.

As per convention, the artist retains copyright of every image including commissions. I am therefore the only one allowed to make reproductions of the image, whether for sale or otherwise. Distribution of unauthorized images is easily traced, and it constitutes an infringement of intellectual property laws.

Below you can see some examples of commissioned work. They run the gamut, as I previously mentioned. 

Thank you for commissioning original collages from Madcollage. 

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