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Resistencia is not enough: we will thrive!

My work has its origins in my formative years in Spain. The very name of my company is a nod to my old stomping grounds. MAD is short for Madrid, and I love my city.

I can now barely remember my beautiful neighborhood with its tall trees and big fountain, my elementary school, my grandparents' home, the parks and streets that are but a faint recollection. I deposit all these memories between the layers of paper and glue. I try to blend the old with the new and I find inspiration in my current surroundings, but home is, and always will be, Madrid. To this day, that city defines me and my artwork more than anything else. Madrid is a city of elegant boulevards and expansive, manicured parks. The capital of Spain, it is a friendly city full of people from other parts of the country (and the world), which makes for a vibrant and cosmopolitan environment. It’s well-known for its rich repositories of European art along the Golden Mile between El Museo del Prado and El Museo Reina Sofia. With close to seven million inhabitants, the city is incredibly rich in cultural offerings, from museums to cathedrals, churches, theaters, galleries and art centers. The first documented historical record dates from the 9th century, even though the area has been inhabited since the Stone Age. The development of Madrid as administrative center began when Felipe II established his court there in the 1560s. Madrid has been the country's capital continuously since 1606. The most ancient recorded name of the city "Magerit" comes from the name of a fortress built by the Rio Manzanares in the 9th century AD, and it means "place of abundant water”. With a long and complicated history, the city has endured many crises. Its inhabitants are resilient and hard working. Madrid grows and improves with each tragedy, and the solidarity among madrileños is legendary. Neither wars, invasions, bombings nor terrorism have blunted the free spirit of Madrid. In my city, "resistencia" is a lifestyle. We resist xenophobia, intolerance, atavic nationalisms, populism, extremisms and any hint of prejudice. I think nothing will ever dissuade Madrid from behaving any differently.

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