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love letters to myself

I think exercising at least a modicum of self compassion should be taught in schools. It is, after all, a learned skill and it needs to be nurtured and practiced. Unfortunately, it isn't and many of us grow up without the tools necessary to maintain our own emotional well-being.

I was, for instance, never taught to be flexible and caring towards myself. Quite the opposite, I was told that I had to be resigned, incapable of demanding anything on my own behalf and, above all, I had to be everyone.

Needless to say, these teachings did not serve me well right from the get go. I was taunted in school, pushed around as a young adult and easily manipulated later on. Throughout, I believed that it was all my fault because, somehow, I was clearly derelict in my duties as a likable, worthy human being.

Turns out I am not alone in my inability to self care. Though now a buzz word that you find everywhere, the practical side of taking good care of yourself is still a mystery to many people. There is a learning curve, and there's no shame in taking that first baby step towards a kinder, more peaceful you.

Read on below and see what you can do today to start on your journey to a more self supportive attitude.


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