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Linda Sandoval: getting to know you

Updated: 3 days ago

Linda Sandoval is a fellow classic film lover. I was elated to find out this is one of the cool things we have in common. Obviously, we also enjoy making collage, and I think that makes us twins. Did I mention that we also delight in yummy food? I don’t know, but I think we qualify. You decide.

A Los Angeles native, she grew up steeped in the golden glow that the movie industry sprinkles over this city. She even keeps a collection of original promotional posters that she inherited from her father. What a treasure!

Her collage work often features some of the matinee idols and gorgeous leading ladies of olden days. She does, however, branch out into other themes, such as royalty of the blue blood variety, but one thing remains the same: she prefers creating small format collage.

Her choice of structure is the well-known ATC or Artist Trading Card. These small collages are ideal for anyone with an ability to edit, and a keen eye for composition. Anybody can make them with an economy of means, and tools, and they are highly satisfying for beginners and more seasoned artists alike. So beautiful and so accessible at the same time!

Take a brief moment to read Linda’s interview. In her very own words, she gives us a glimpse into her practice. Enjoy!

When did you become acquainted with collage?

A few people in my family were doing art/collage before I joined the party. I basically started collaging right before 2020 hit us all.

Do you have a singular style or do you experiment a lot?

I try to switch up my style, I usually do a 3 piece simple collage. Lately I’ve been exploring other ways to enhance my work.

Which artist influenced you the most?

Frida, Chagall, Warhol. I have so many to be inspired by.

What materials do you enjoy using?

Canvas, washi tape, paint. Numerous options are available.

What’s your current work like? Any recurring themes?

Right now my work is either in my collage journals or on postcard sized paper. I tend to use B&W photos constantly, mostly old Hollywood.

Can you describe your process?

Sometimes I just grab whatever I find on my desk. I usually have days where I cut images out of books for future use. I like to prep backgrounds in advance so that when I’m ready to collage my pieces are already cut.

Can you tell us about your workspace?

My workspace is my desk, I sometimes need to move to the kitchen for painting or for rubber stamping. I have so much paper, stamps, pix at hand. Must have music too.

Tell us about your plans and hopes for the future in relation to collage.

I wouldn’t say I have future plans for collage. I’m really enjoying it right now, it’s a big part of my life. I mostly collage for myself. I do give away a lot of my work. An unexpected thing just happened for me. I was contacted through IG if I would be interested/willing to show my Anna May Wong collages in a NYC show! Of course I said yes.


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