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Far From the Madding Crowd

Creating an inspiring working space: follow your heart and edit mercilessly!

Helen Frankentaler in her studio

We have all been there: a cluttered table with not enough space for all our supplies and an ever-shrinking working space. What is a creative girl to do?

Having a safe and comfortable space to work in is reflected in my mood and ability to create. A nice, decluttered space feels calm and it generates positive associations. It brings me a large dose of emotional well-being. I find that I can sustain a relaxed focus that allows me to work for extended periods of time. My little studio is the one space that I think about the most when I find myself away or unable to work due to health reasons.

Everyone needs a place where they can connect with their own brand of creativity. Though it is true that we all have a tendency towards chaos (life happens), we can be still for a few minutes and strive to boost a sense of calm and purpose. Whatever your chosen activity, these are some suggestions that might help you create the space you need to flourish creatively.

1. Edit your space.

Does your space as it stands take care of your creative needs? Is there anything in it you could do without? Streamlining your surrounding will help you declutter your mind and emotions. This process should be attempted regularly. Just let go of things you do not really use. If it’s been there for more than six months without any use, move it along. Find a nice home for that item so it can live up to its potential. Having clutter around makes your brain feel like there’s always something else that needs to be done. It is mentally exhausting.

2. Storage is of the essence.

Explore the potential for additional storage within your space. Think vertically. Do not just pile things in unsightly boxes. You can use shelves, containers, cute boxes, labels and bright colors. A well-organized workroom helps you feel a sense of control and can help you focus on your creativity.

3. Nature can help de-stress.

Plants and flowers bring a ton of oxygen and positive energy into a space. Your brain needs oxygen to work optimally, we all know that. Yet plants do more for your mood than we think. Try placing some greenery in your studio and take care of them mindfully. Their colors and scents are well known for enhancing your sense of well-being

4. Inspiration comes in many forms.

You may choose to have inspirational quotes, or maybe samples of work by other artists. Perhaps, you prefer to display some of your own pieces in order to remain focused. Often times, the work itself will tell you what needs to happen next…if you pay attention.

As always, we are individuals. Your working space should always reflect your personality and style. It should be comfortable to you and for you. An oasis of sorts where you can take break from the mundane and step into a world ruled by imagination.


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