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Book of the Month

When I say that I have the best supporters, I mean it. I don't consider them mere customers and I try to foster a closer bond than the one that comes from an impersonal online transaction. That's why I answer all comments and questions on social media, help create teacher curricula, and give a glimpse of my process through monthly MADtalks. I believe in the therapeutic potential of collage.

Furthermore, I am absolutely adamant that when everyone is doing better, everyone is doing better. Nobody can (or should) bolster themselves through someone else's defeat. We all bloom or wither together.

A lovely supporter sent me this book a few months back. She was generous and helpful, and it was a kindness I didn't expect. Now that I have read it, I can pass it on to you. It might be of help if you are suffering in isolation from a long standing ailment. Sharing our experiences heals us a little, and why wouldn't we want that for everyone else as much as we want it for ourselves. Enjoy!


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