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ANEW - An exhibit about hope and resilience

A show organized by Inclusive Arts of Vermont, ANEW celebrates achievements of artists who overcome all types of health challenges. Folks create despite (and sometimes because) of their conditions, and by doing so they defy the odds.

Being creative has its own therapeutic benefits, but it’s also a way of being seen. People with chronic illnesses and disabilities are often rendered invisible to society at large. They retreat due to pain or because they have difficulty functioning in a world that does not fit their needs. Making artworks that transcend the discomfort is rebellious, and it provides the artist with a sense of connection. You connect with yourself while the creative process is at play. You also connect to your gallery audience, and other people who experience the artwork in printed form or though the internet.

It is my hope that this show will dispel some of the stereotypes about disabilities. We can all be creative. We can all be more accepting and considerate. We are all humans.

ANEW will travel statewide through the 2020 calendar year. The exhibition will begin its tour at the Amy E. Tarrant Gallery in Burlington on February 15th, 2020.

Inclusive Arts Vermont is a statewide nonprofit organization using the magic of the arts to engage the capabilities and enhance the confidence of children and adults with disabilities. We are a member of the VSA International Network, a program of The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. ANEW is made possible through funding provided by Vermont Community Foundation’s Vermont Arts Endowment Fund.


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