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my precious

Hi everyone!

Just a brief intro to the my precious section.

I often get texts and emails asking about how I make something or what I use on my collage work. I reply to every single one of them, but sometimes I feel like my answer is incomplete. After all, not everyone is used to navigating the Sargasso Sea of art supplies! One can get lost easily and then give up on the search for the perfect item altogether.

Since I want everyone to have a pleasant experience making their own beautiful collages, I decided to put together a list of all the tried-and-true items that I use on a regular basis. These are the things I always have on my studio shelves! Some are supplies, and others are sources of inspiration.

Feel free to browse and try out a few! Let me know if you have feedback. I love suggestions too!

This list is for everyone: newbies, experienced collage artists and everyone in between. We can all learn from each other and discover something new we didn’t even know we needed! You’ll see that I treasure a good product that performs well and offers quality and affordability.

I hope you find that my personal preferences jive with your needs. Enjoy!


art supplies


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