Hola! These tutorials are perfect for those starting out or for someone interested in a specific technique. They also provide you with accessible instruction to make your practice flourish. Choose videos a la carte or subscribe for a seamless, weekly dose of inspiration. Cheers!


  • No performance anxiety. You are able to set your own expectations.

  • No hurry. You can work at your own pace. We all have a life, after all.

  • Choose the exercises that excite you the most. No faff, no boredom.

  • No "complete by" date. No grading. 

  • Accessible and flexible. Tutorials meet you where you are in your artistic practice.

  • Tutorials offer you structure and direction.

  • Free online access to the instructor if you need assistance or have questions.

  • Trousers are optional. Work without scrutiny and in the comfort of your home.

  • A healthy distraction for your overworked brain. Relax, focus and find your flow. 


Check out the free introductory video below! 

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