archival print on Hahnemühle paper


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    In the collage, the flowers cover the entirety of the face except for the eyes. I think that gaze is insolent and a little transgressive. I loved it when I found it. The flowers are soft and luxurious. Behind them there’s strength, character, and determination.


    The male hand holds the hair firmly, but the scissors, sharp and resolute, cut the mane free. The bond is thus broken, and she is released. Behind the mask there is a whole and independent person.


    I incorporated letters among the flowers that spell LIBRE in Spanish. I considered FREE instead, but LIBRE has additional connotations that I think are deeper and more appropriate in this case. Free can be interpreted as “up for grabs” and that would be antithetical to want I wanted to say. LIBRE is the wind and the water. LIBRE is a bird in mid-flight. It means something expansive and beautiful, and that’s how I use it. 


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