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Intro & Advanced Guides to Collage Techniques - 103 Pages

Intro & Advanced Guides to Collage Techniques - 103 Pages

Get a comprehensive view of collage techniques with these two complementary guides:

  • Introduction to Collage Techniques
  • Advanced Collage Techniques


This is the perfect treat if:

  • You work intuitively but wish to become more technical.
  • You are drawn to collage making and its history
  • You crave the opportunity to practice and develop your skills
  • You feel inspired by looking at other collage artists' work
  • You want to venture into a different method of collage making


Why learn about collage techniques?

  • You will create more refined and sophisticated collages.
  • Technique enables you to develop your creativity more fully
  • To have a better understanding of other artists' work


How do you download the guide?

  • Checkout and you'll get a link immediately. 
  • You also get an email with a link to download at your convenience.


File format: PDF

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