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Updated: Dec 17, 2021

“Collage is a supersensitive and scrupulously accurate instrument, akin to a seismograph, able to record the exact amount of human happiness at any period" -Max Ernst


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fear, worry and things that go bump in the night

It's been quite a couple of years! If you are still dealing with any of these feelings, whether because of Covid-19 or your personal circumstances, you certainly are not alone. I found it helpful to understand how my brain works at times like these. It gives me a measure of agency. Read on...


everyday I pray for love...too

Yayoi Kusama is an icon and an obliterator of barriers. She has consistently worked for the last six decades and continues to do so with admirable vigor and ingenuity. I was privileged to see her work on several occasions, and every time it has surprised me, fascinated me and it has made me think. To be able to have such an effect on a viewer through artwork, is no small feat. All her creations are memorable experiences that leave an indelible mark on the soul. I truly encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with Yayoi Kusama if they want to ignite the flame of joy in their own lives. She has endured many obstacles through the years, and her resilience makes her even more relatable and interesting. There’s a lot we can learn from a life well lived, and I would say that Kusama’s is definitely one for the ages. To learn more about her amazing life and her inimitable work, check out any of these books.


out and about - Jasper Johns

I am a glutton for art shows. I make no bones about it. That's why I was delighted to learn that two simultaneous exhibits are ready for viewing in Philadelphia and New York City, and that the subject is no other than neo-expressionist Jasper Johns. I think it is rather fitting that the work of Jasper Johns is being shown in two retrospectives that almost appear as mirror images of each other. His fondness for symmetry and order (sometimes disguised as organized chaos), is fully realized with this format. So this time around, you can visit one or the other (perhaps, if you are extremely fortunate, both locations) and delight in a chronological, detailed and revealing exhibition of one of the most influential artists of the last century. His influence will, no doubt, cast a long shadow for many years to come. Enjoy or discover the work of this dedicated and unique artist. To learn more, read on...


be an original

November marks a turning point in my activity. I put the garden to bed, and concentrate exclusively on my collage practice. They are, after all, the two things that keep me somewhat sane, and when one wanes I have to ramp up the other to stay on an even keel. Before long, the studio will be teeming with original collages waiting to find a good home. To that end, all original work will be on sale until December 15th. You can peruse the roster of available work (which changes daily), find your favorite and take 10% off the regular price. Have a safe and lovely Thanksgiving. Thank you all!

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