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Is my heart deep enough to bury all the hurt?

Wait, they tell me. Wait, endure.

Yet time does not comply.

No cold compress to soothe the heat

Of anger.

You knew the wolf was at the threshold.

Couldn't you let me dream my dream?

Couldn't I choose how to begin?

I stitch and tug.

The wounds reopen in the night.

Arachne hanging from her silken noose.

Weaving a life that smells of pain.

Smooth edges pull apart

Never to heal nor bind again.

Couldn’t you let me win just once?

Couldn’t I rise to hope instead?

The curtain down at your command.

It hid me well. I never stirred.

I was a footnote, the obedient ghost.

No questions asked. No care at all.

You bruised my soul. You tore my choice.

You knew the wolf was at the threshold.

Couldn’t you keep me from the cold?

Couldn’t I hope and not be told?

Today I mend and patch the slits.

You smirk at me and call me sweet.

My fingers pricked. My faith worn down.

I bundle scraps of life and sleep

On them,


Do I have the patience to forgive?

Not tonight.

Tonight, I burn.

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