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Updated: Apr 6, 2020

As some of you already know, this year I moved my studio to the middle of my garden. I needed a change. The garden is my happy place, and I wanted to be in it year-round. I feel very at peace in my tiny cocoon, like a butterfly waiting for spring. It was definitely a good move.

It is a scientific fact that pajamas are not conducive to creativity. I can attest to that. They are more conducive to napping. It used to be hard getting motivated while shuffling down the corridor all sleepy eyed and with a teacup in hand. The dirty dishes in the sink called my name. So did the laundry and my dog’s tufts of fur rolling down the hallway. Too many distractions. Now, I get properly dressed and go out of the house to work. My house looks a mess, but I feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment. I guess having real pants on does that for some of us, particularly if you work from home.

Secret for success #1: always wear real pants to make collages.

My studio is a very private, unpretentious, quiet place, and I like being by myself. A true introvert paradise! There are birds, flowers and trees all around, and a tiny pond is in the works as well! I can go inside the studio, close the door and time seems to stand still.

So now that I’m sporting the correct attire, I have no doubt the year will shape up nicely as far as the art front is concerned. I am bringing collage to Williston one paper snippet at a time. With that goal in mind, I have put together a roster of workshops that will be happening throughout the year. There’s so much to do, so much to share!

I’d like Williston to be a new referent for art in Vermont. A place where people come to see art, make art, and learn about art. I know it is quite ambitious and I can’t do it alone. It literally takes a village…and then some, but I don’t think it is impossible. We can foster community one workshop at a time, and it will happen.

All scheduled workshops will take place on Sundays, from 1-3 pm. There’s a flat rate of $10 per workshop in order to replenish the shared pool of supplies. Everything is provided and you need only bring your sunny self. You can make an unlimited number of pieces during the workshops.

Reserve a spot for whichever date and theme suit your taste. Or challenge yourself with a brand-new technique or activity. It’s important to point out that my studio can only accommodate five students at a time, although in hot weather we can (and should) spill into the beautiful surrounding garden. In any case, you get my undivided and personalized attention. That and a few cheesy jokes…

2020 MadCollage Workshops @ The Little Dream Factory in Williston.

Michelle Caplan

January 26 – Ghosts in the machine. Working with laser copies (in order to create multiples of a single image), we will learn techniques to incorporate transfers into your paintings or collages. Roll up your sleeves and get transferring! Clear tape and contact film transfers are fun, and compatible with many other techniques.

February 9 – HEART: handmade Victorian Valentines. Look at the pretty maids all in a row! Make your very own love notes in the intricate Victorian style. Vintage charm for the most romantic day of the year.

Joseph Cornell

March 8 – Shadowboxes: the hidden world of Joseph Cornell. Assemblage is a fascinating pursuit and it is accessible to everyone. Create your own “poetic theater” with imaginary characters and unexpected adventures. We will bridge the gap between collage and sculpture.

Susan Ukkola

CANCELED March 22 – Transparent 2.0: Gelli printing plates. These versatile tools allow for making colorful monoprints as well as moody and intriguing transfers. Get printing with acrylic paint and high gloss magazine images.

Michel Keck


April 5 – Purr-fect Portraits. Celebrate International Pet day! Create a custom portrait of your furry best friend that you’ll cherish forever. Mixed media portraits that reflect your pet’s personality and the love you feel for them.



April 19 – Earth Day. Using only recycled and natural materials create a collage on matboard that explores environmental issues such as plastic pollution, habitat destruction or the plight of an animal on the verge of extinction. Art can shock the senses into action. Make a big, strong statement.


May 3 – Mother’s Day. Moms the world over love a handmade gift. Create your own collage pendant with a special motif that your mom will love. You can also make one for yourself if you are a mom of kids, pups or kitties. You deserve a treat!

Eric Carle

June7 – Eric Carle’s birthday. This beloved artist and author has a unique collage approach. Recreating his style, we will paint paper and tissue with colorful patterns. Butterflies, caterpillars, beetles, birds and flowers will come alive in a riot of color and pattern. Delightful images perfect for a nursery or a child’s bedroom. Happy birthday Mr. Carle!

Hollyce Davenport

July 26 – Birds of a feather. As summer approaches we start noticing the songbirds in the garden. To me they represent lightness of being, beauty and the power of small things. I love birds and we’ll make them the focal point of our collage work. Walk through the garden and gather instant inspiration.

August 9 – Creatures of the Collage Garden. This activity combines the beauty of the outdoors with collage AND photography. Make a collage that will be photographed “in situ”. The collage has no background. The garden provides the perfect backdrop for the free-standing collages. The end results are fabulous and fun! These collages teach us about impermanence and the value of process.

Viviana Ortega

August 23 – Collage Pin. Another fun jewelry project! Create a lapel mixed media pin that reflects your unique personality. The sky is the limit thematically: eyes, faces, flowers, animals, houses, words…or perhaps a heart to wear on your sleeve?

Selena Strain

September 6 – Custom Japanese inspired Journal. A diary or sketchbook is an artist’s best friend. Write down ideas, sketch or collect found bits of paper. No matter how you use it, it’ll improve your creativity. We’ll make a simple five-hole pamphlet stitch book that you can take everywhere with you.

October 4 – Tin Box altars. The best things come in small packages! Make one or more altars with complementary or opposite themes. Working with miniatures is challenging but loads of fun too! Create quirky little treasures that will intrigue and delight.

October 18 – Day of the Dead Celebration. Want to know more about Day of the Dead? Come make and decorate small sugar skulls and traditional paper marigolds to honor and remember your loved ones. We will prepare for this special night when the living and the dead mingle in harmony and reminisce about the past.

Robert Sadin

November 1 – international selfie day. I don’t own a selfie stick. I don’t take photos of myself, but I love collage portraits. They are open ended exercises where you can really use your imagination. A self-portrait can lead to some wonderful insights. It can be humorous or highly detailed. Dark or full of whimsy. You can use a cherished picture as a starting point. I suggest you bring with you a photocopy of your original photo.


November 15 – On pins and needles. Make sewn lucky charms that combine different materials: beads, charms, buttons, thread and cloth. Such small pieces require very focused and delicate work, which is perfect for the cold, dark winter months. Turn inward and produce a beautiful, wearable piece of collage jewelry. Make it shiny and sparkly or rough and earthy to reflect your personal style.

Traci Bautista

December 6 – Winter Workshop and End of the Year Show. Come celebrate the season with us! Enjoy some nibbles and look at samples of all the artwork we have produced in the Little Dream Factory. Share some laughs and make a gorgeous holiday collage wreath for your door!

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